our services

we are a small full service design / build studio
specializing in urban gardens spaces
for residential & commercial clients

consultation & design process

We start by cultivating a strong relationship with our clients. We provide an initial consult to discuss our clients' needs and then provide a detailed master plan that includes plant selections, material options and lighting. The installation phase is structured and efficient as we respect your time. We have guarantees on our work and routinely revisit the space to ensure it's quality.

We are a small shop which allows us to provide better attention to each client.


Our spaces are well crafted and are built to last. We use the best quality wood, stone and steel to create modern designs that help frame our nature inspired gardens. Our services include hardscaping, lighting and custom woodwork ranging from fences, containers and outdoor furniture.

plant selection

With backgrounds in horticulture and design we pride ourselves in our plantings. Natural, beautiful, balanced and a-typical. We aim to create a sense of nature to urban spaces that are enjoyable for all four seasons. We source all of our plants from the best growers and plant natives whenever possible.

garden maintenance

Our gardens are designed to be self maintained with proper plant selection and installation of low water drip irrigation systems. We will revisit the site to make sure it is alive and well in it's early stages. We can be contracted for seasonal maintenance and offer services in tree trimming and plant removal.